Haphazardly Ever After

Haphazardly Ever After 

By Jeff Fluharty


Directed by: LeAnn Covey & Pat Robertell-Hudson

This fractured fairy tale farce, follows a King and Queen with four bratty children. The Royals try everything to bring happiness and harmony to their family.  But nothing works until they cast a do-it-yourself spell.  Follow the family through Royal chaos – Fun for the whole family.


Performance Dates:
Show:  11/9, 11/10, 11/16, 11/17 @ 7:30 pm
Matinees:  11/11, 11/18 @ 2:30 pm

Auditions Sept. 28 & 29


Admission: $12 for 11 years old and older.  $7 for children 10 years old and younger (There will be a $1 fee per online ticket purchase).

Tickets available at the door (cash only). Call 234-206-0128 to make a reservation, or…

Cast & Crew

Lily Drybola –  Narrator

Sabrina  Leasure – Reluctant Fairy

Amelia McKenna – Fairy 1

Cora Goold – Fairy 2

Ella – Holland – Servant 1

Leah Hiimmel – Servant 2

Shawn Desessa – King Barnabas

Penelope Covey – Queen Mildred

Jack Desessa – Prince Hairgel

Charlie Bernhardt Prince Slacker

Lauren Garfield – Princess Peppermint

Emma Himmel – Princess Cinnamon

Tawny Leonardo – Royal Therapist, Fairy god mother, Genie

Elliot Dupan – Duke of Cranberry , Mysterious Old man, Stage hand 1

Victoria Ganey – Moe, Cranberry’s assistant

Audrey Hodges – Paige,  Princess Ambrose

Sam Leasure  – Prince Chowder, Sorceror, Eddie

Rachel Senderoff – Roe, Royal teacher 1, Phone operator

Lauren Harrison – Royal teacher 2, Witch, Fairy Tale Inspector

Felicity Covey, Magic Mirror, Poe

Alex – Props and Stage hand 2

Reagan Flohr – Stage hand