“A Night in Provence” by Robin Hawdon.

Starring: Mike Guffey, Keri Lambert, Tom Marshall, Pat Robertell-Hudson, Jerry Schaber, Charlotte Senters.


Directed by Lorena Goold.

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“My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra” by David Grapes and Todd Olson.

Starring: Ron Cuirle, Shelly Palumbo, Jay Sigler, Kyla Williger.


Directed by: Chanda Porter

Music: Dave Stebbins

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“Night Before Christmas” Based on the poem by Clement C. Moore, Written by Lowell Swortzell.

Starring: Susan Groggs, Daevlynne Lambert, Emma Himmel, Francine Roberts, Tom Marshall, Victoria Kirgesner.


Directed by Pat Robertell-Hudson

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“Dearly Beloved” by Jones, Hope and Wooten

Starring: Janice Wedge, Alexandria Marzullo, Charlotte Senters, Jenny Barrett, Barry Frey, Helen Graf, Keri Lambert, Brandon Mariano, Seth Dodds, Dave Sherman, Dawn Zinsmeister


Directed by Michael Cranston

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