“The Psychic” by Sam Bobrick.

Starring: John Peters, Anna-Jeannine Kemper-Herman, Matthew Smith, Scott K. Davis, Natalie Romano, Dave Sherman.


Directed by Chris Bizub

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“Levitation” by Timothy Mason.

Starring: Brian Westerley, Dave Hinebaugh, Christine Wright,  Anna-Jeannine Kemper-Herman, Richard Szczepiński, Lorena Bering Goold, William Landis, Mason Shuman.


Directed by: Alex Nine

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“The Santa Spectacles.” Written by Jeanne A. Davis with lyrics by Jim Foote.

Starring: Francine Roberts, Tom Marshall, Scott K. Davis, Kennedi Rensell, Isabella Weber, and Olivia Lamancusa; Susan Groggs, Maddy Robert, Hannah Kilker, Emme White, Gilliam Kilker, Michael Groggs, Leah Stanfield, and Hannah White; Aidan Booker and Aaron Booker; Dave Sherman; Emma Himmel.


Directed by: Pat Robertell-Hudson

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“My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding” by David Hein and Irene Cal Sankoff.

Starring: Jared McGrath, Dave Hinebaugh, Jessica West, Carol Tymchenko, JB Miller, Chanda Porter, Nathan Mudrak, Brian Pichola, Jenn Matas. 


Directed by Dave Stebbins and Susan Omspacker

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