Wine & Cheese & Theater

 September 2017



Sunday, September 10, 2017


5238 Young Rd

Stow, OH 44224

Learn about our upcoming season, and the many ways you can support Stow Players! 

At 3pm, enjoy a performance of "Good Suprises" by Elizabeth Mowers of Mogadore, Ohio. Winner of the 2017 Weathervane 8x10 Theaterfest! 

Mark your calendars!


Youth Theatre Workshop

Consecutive Saturdays from
Oct. 7, 2017 - Nov. 11, 2017
11:00 am - 1:30 pm
Heritage Barn & Oregon Trail Meeting Facility
FEE: $60.00

This six-week workshop presented by Stow Players is for young adults and children. This workshop provides an opportunity to learn all
about theatre, from production needs to staging, props, costumes and stage direction. Participants will learn what it takes to get a show up.
Every aspect of theatre will be covered. This will help determine whether participants prefer to be on stage or off stage. Participants will be
instructed by the directors of Babes in Toyland, and participation in the workshop may lead to a part in the play this December.
Register through Stow Parks & Recreation in the office or online at


Upcoming Auditions! 

Director Lorena Goold is having auditions for "And the Winner Is" on Sept. 10 from 5pm to 7pm & Sept. 11 from 7pm to 9pm.

See our Auditions! page for more details.


Calling All Playwrights!

This season, Stow Players is launching the Emerging Playwrights Reading Series. If you have a script, and want feedback from a real, live audience, send it our way!

See our website for more details.


In other Stow Players News: 

Stow Players member Bill Morgan will be directing Young Frankenstein

The New Mel Brooks Musical at Weathervane Playhouse and can be seen Thursday, October 5 through Sunday Oct 22.

For more information and tickets, visit


Thank you to our patrons for your continued support of Stow Players