The Princess Who Had No Name & Young Actor’s Workshop


Audition Dates:

October 3rd at 6-8 pm at the Oregon Trail Meeting Faciity

Weave together the feel of a classic fairy tale, the delight of a fractured fairy tale and the fun of a mystery in need of solving and you can’t go wrong with this hilarious, expertly-woven romp!  When a girl wakes up alone in a tower in the forest, she has no memory of her past.  She can’t remember where she is from or her name.  All alone, she embarks on a journey to recall her past.  Along the way she meets several fairy-tale characters (Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, Goldilocks, Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel to name a few.  Her prince is also desperately looking for her, but he seems to always be one step behind and inadvertently rescuing and winning the hearts of the wrong princesses!  With plenty of roles to go around and fun new takes on the stories everyone loves, the Princess’s quest to remember her true identity will keep everyone guessing to the happily ever after ending.

All children must be able to be back stage without a parent – Ages 6 to 18

Miscellaneous parts big and small

Teens auditioning for, The Princess Who Had No Name, may also be considered for roles in, Every Baby-Sitter’s Nightmare (see below).

Eldridge Publishing

 Every Baby Sitter’s Nightmare

An intergenerational comedy…

Directed by:  John Leasure & Dave Sherman


Audition Dates for Teens:

October 3rd at 6-8 pm at the Oregon Trail Park Meeting Facility (Next to the skate park)

This overlaps with tryouts for The Princess Who Had No Name.


5 Roles for Girls and 3 Roles for Boys 


Audition Dates for Adults: 

Saturday, December 14th at 2 PM (Silver Springs Heritage Barn)

Sunday, December 15th at 7 PM (Silver Springs Heritage Barn)


5 Roles for Women and 4 Roles for Men


(More detail to be posted soon!)

Rehearsals for Every Babysitter’s Nightmare begin in January, and the show will run Feb 7 thru Feb 16. 

Teens casted may also be asked to read during adult auditions.